2024 Addy Awards

3rd Annual American Advertising Awards hosted by AAFsi

Conducted annually by the AAF, the local Southern Illinois chapter of the American Advertising Federation hosts the first of a three-tier national competition.

Local professional entrants vie to receive a Gold ADDY—recognition as the very best in their markets.

Enter Today
December 1,2023
December 1,2023

Entries Begin

January 19,2024
January 19,2024

Early Bird Deadline

February 9,2024
February 9,2024

Final EntryDeadline

Let’s Brand Together

AAF Southern Illinois

The AAF-Southern Illinois promotes the spirit of cooperation, innovation and fellowship, among students and professionals, in advertising and related businesses.

Elevating the Business of Creativity

Creativity is the single most effective force in creating change and collaboration is its most powerful fuel. AAF Southern Illinois is a diverse community of creators who are changing behavior, perception, and culture through a wide range of creative professions. Members have access to opportunity, inspiration, mentorship, and connection within the greater Southern Illinois creative community.

Together we can elevate the work and its impact on the world.

Why Professionals Join

AAF-Southern Illinois 


AAF-Southern Illinois helps members pursue business and career opportunities within the advertising and adjacent creative industries.


Our members learn from and become inspired by diverse creative perspectives.


AAF-Southern Illinois members grow personally and professionally through mentorship, education and training.


AAF members network with a range of professionals and leaders in the greater Southern Illinois creative community.


American Advertising Awards Competition

Our annual competition is the first of a three-tier, national competition.  

Monthly Meeting

Build relationships with professionals from all facets of the advertising industry in Southern Illinois.

Join. Belong. Expand Your Mind.


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