Saluki AdLab

SAL for short

The Saluki AdLab (SAL) is a student team of creatives, strategists, writers, producers, and designers breaking through the creative edge with intelligent ideas. As a full-service agency, SAL is made up of Southern Illinois University’s best students across many majors including Advertising, Public Relations, Graphic Design, Cinema & Photography, and many more. 

Saluki AdLab provides copywriting, graphic design, branding, digital media, and social media to the Southern Illinois region. Our work is creative, relevant, engaging, strategic, and emotive. SAL helps you communicate your brand on a local, regional and global stage. SAL’s results-driven creative focuses on intimate, meaningful conversations you have with your customers, clients, employees, and friends.


The Daily Egyptian

results-driven creative

The Daily Egyptian ended 2020 with an ambitious schedule of projects. They prepared a complete redesign of the brand, an expansion of service, and the beginnings of a network of news bureaus throughout the state of Illinois. We couldn’t sit back and watch all of this effort go unnoticed.

SAL combined social media, app development, and podcast to help launch the new Daily Egyptian. 



National Student Advertising Competition

While client work is SAL’s main game, we have to do some stuff for school sometimes. One of the few things Saluki AdLab does for school is the National Student Advertising Competition each year. Starting this competition from the bottom, our team has fought its way to the top of our district, placing 4th, 2nd, and 3rd in the past three years. Here is one of the cases we worked on and see our ideas for full-blown advertising campaigns.

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