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The Unifying Voice for Advertising

Whether you’re new to the fast-paced world of advertising or a seasoned professional, the AAF-Southern Illinois is for you. We’re here to help you advance your career, build your connections and celebrate this ever-changing, amazing industry we work in.

To the art direction aficionados, masters of marketing, deft designers, social media savants, versatile vendors, creative copywriters, digital directors, vehement videographers, stunning storytellers, and all the remaining passionate people in the advertising community—we are here for you! The American Advertising Federation of Southern Illinois brings professionals and students in Southern Illinois and surrounding areas the opportunity to connect with like-minded people in the industry, learn from experts, and recognize advertising excellence.

Offering member-centric educational programs, industry connections, and professional growth resources, AAF-Southern Illinois grows and enhances the network of all marketing communications professionals. Whether you are an agency, independent professional, media firm, marketing and research company, client company, trade organization, or community service, we have programs of all sizes to fit your needs. 


Our Mission

AAF Southern Illinois serves the the advertising and marketing industry in our region through educational programming, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

Our Goals

  • Develop collaboration and encourage innovation among people in advertising and related business.
  • Promote ethical, truthful, and creative advertising.
  • Encourage young, talented persons to seek careers in advertising.
  • Nurture through outreach to college students seeking a career in advertising
  • Promote advertising to regional business, educational, governmental, and community as a vital part of building a healthy economy
  • Align with community causes to assist in the development of innovation, growth, and well-being.

Benefits of Membership

  • Build relationships with professionals from all facets of the advertising industry—clients, agencies, production companies, and the media – by participating in workshops, professional development seminars, and attending events.
  • Gain recognition for your talent by entering the American Advertising Awards, the country’s most prominent creative competition.
  • Promote the value of advertising in your local community by participating in the National Club Achievement Competition.
  • Advance in your career or grow your business by taking advantage of the AAF-Southern Illinois’ Career Center, a resource for industry-related jobs.
  • Connect with top names in the advertising industry and fellow club members from across the region.
  • Promote the value of advertising in your local community.
  • Honor a fellow club member who has made outstanding contributions to advancing industry standards by nominating them for national awards such as Silver Medal Award or the Barton A. Cummings Gold Medal Award.

Why Us

Why Leading Professionals Choose to Join AAF-Southern Illinois 

Advance Your Knowledge

Develop and enjoy the spirit of cooperation, innovation, and fellowship among those in advertising and related businesses.

Lobby the Community

Advocate for advertising and its vital role in the economic and cultural advancement of our cities, states, and nation.

Education & Mentoring

Energize young, talented persons to seek careers in advertising.


Promote ethical, truthful and creative advertising


Support community causes as part of an overall effort to advance our community and ourselves.

Accelerate your Career

Meet industry pros, build a strong local network, and make new friends in the local ad scene.

AAF Southern Illinois Leadership Team

Bridget Lescelius

Bridget Lescelius


Amy Spiller

Amy Spiller

Vice President

Dr. Deborah Barnett

Dr. Deborah Barnett


Dr. Niki Davis

Dr. Niki Davis

Secretary and Event Chair

Steven Mitchell

Steven Mitchell

Membership Chair

Roni LeForge

Roni LeForge

Communications Chair

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