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AAF Southern Illinois Corporate MEMBER BENEFITS

Joining AAF-Southern Illinois makes you a member of the American Advertising Federation’s national organization. AAF is 40,000+ members strong nationwide, which means somebody always knows somebody who knows somebody. Comforting, indeed, when you’re looking for anything from a new hire to new business. You’ll also be part of a huge network of local advertising agency professionals, freelancers, corporate marketers, and vendors. Our members enjoy our educational programs, events, American Advertising Awards entries, and listings on our wildly popular Job Shop. It also means there are benefits available to you on a national level, ranging from discounts on rental cars and shipping services to free whitepapers and webinars. 

Fill out our membership form and enjoy all the perks of being a part of the AAF-Southern Illinois.


Automatic membership to the AAF-Southern Illinois and the American Advertising Federation


Opportunity for public service and community outreach


Opportunity to join our board of directors and/or serve on a committee


Admittance into national competitions


A chance to build your portfolio and professional skill set

Join. Belong. Expand Your Mind.


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